Accueil Bayeux on Foot + Tapestry

Bayeux on Foot + Tapestry

A walk through Bayeux is a walk through time. Yet for all its provincial charm, this lovely little town is renowned the world over because for almost a thousand years it has been home to a unique masterpiece, the famous Bayeux Tapestry.

Follow the banks of the river Aure, where the wheels of the water-mills bear witness to the labour of centuries. Explore the ecclesiastical quarter, where through the ages bishops and canons have worked towards the completion and preservation of the wonderful Cathedral that dominates the town. Admire some of the more aristocratic residences, a step away from the main streets where shopkeepers have plied their trade since time immemorial…

Take a step into the extraordinary story of William the Conqueror with a visit to the Unesco-listed Medieval treasure dating back almost a thousand years: the 70-yard long Bayeux Tapestry. Having seen the tapestry itself, the exhibit and film within the museum give fascinating background to William’s conquest of England.

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